Annual Presidents' Meeting 2019

The movement of people around the Asia-Pacific region has enriched our societies and enhanced the academy. Yet shifts in public policy in many societies are raising questions about social justice and are impinging on collaboration in higher education and research.


Universities in an Age of Global Migrations is the theme of the 23rd Annual Presidents’ Meeting hosted by UCLA on June 23-25, 2019. APRU presidents will deliberate with experts on migration, other leaders from academia and international public policy, on ways research universities should respond to these trends.


Focused on the Asia-Pacific region, the meeting will address global migration in relation to Asia-Pacific challenges such as climate change and inequality as well as campus issues of equity and diversity. An outcome is expected to be an APRU presidential statement on migration and higher education as a contribution to international public policy and public awareness.


We look forward to welcoming you in Los Angeles in June.

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